Onward, Ever Onward!

View Out of Our Apartment

View Out of Our Apartment

Hello again from Bridge City!  Hope everything is going well back home!  Sounds like the Dodgers are CRUSHING.  Why is it that they decide to play AFTER I leave?  Oh, well. Just DVR the whole season for me, Dad.  haha

Things have been pretty slow out here.  We’re working hard out here!  I am so exhausted when I get back to the apartment each night that if we weren’t fed dinner by the members, I usually just go to bed right after planning because I’m too tired to make something.  (Don’t worry, mom.  Not starving out here.)

We’ve continued to have pretty cool weather out here (great news for us because we bike a lot).  The thunderstorms out here are amazing!  I just love looking up at the sky here. It’s incredible.  It looks like a movie set from Hollywood.  It literally looks like someone painted the sky up there.  And those Cardinals are pretty awesome, too.  (Not the baseball team.  GO, DODGERS!)  I’ve never seen them before coming here and they’re cool looking!

Harvest time is coming up around here, so all of the farmers are getting ready for a lot of work.  All they plant out here is corn and soybeans.  Fun fact: you don’t eat the corn that they pant out here.  It’s actually all feed corn and you wouldn’t want to eat it because it’s all treated with chemicals.  The sweet corn that they do grow out here is pretty tasty though.

Typical Iowa Countryside

Typical Iowa Countryside

So there’s some exciting news!  I will be going through the Nauvoo Temple next week!  I’m going with our ward when they go on the 17th and I am way stoked!  Nauvoo just looks incredible, and there’s just so much church history there!  Cannot wait!

Umm, there’s really not just that much else to report…  Sorry!  Bit of a slow week out here.  I promise I’ll try my hardest to make these a rare occurrence in the future.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.  Y’all are always in my prayers.  My body is always dead tired at the end of each day, but I try to make my knees the most sore part of my body.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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