Man, this has been a crazy week! Called 911 twice…

Des Moines River, Ottumwa

Des Moines River, Ottumwa

Man, this has been a crazy week!  Called 911 twice, set up another baptismal date, dropped a couple investigators, went on exchanges with the zone leaders, my companion gave a baptismal interview in the Washington Branch…  Yup.  Crazy.

So, since I’m guessing that you all want to hear about the 911 calls, I’ll tell those last. 😉

First off, it is HOT out here.  95F in 90% humidity while biking hills is not very fun.  (Who knew??)  I’m actually looking forward to walking these streets in a couple feet of snow right now.  Geez.

Transfers came around this week and I’m staying put to finish training with Elder Graham.  Sounds like one of us will be moving next transfer though.  Over half of our mission is under 6 months out here and EVERYONE is training.  I don’t think pres. will trust me with a greenie…  I hope not anyways.  I still have some growing up to do.  haha.

Anyways, so we set up another baptismal date!  October 26th, and that’s iffy…but I’ll take it!  Awesome guy from right here in Ottumwa.  It’s a long ways off, and there’s a lot to do, but we think we can get it!

Had to drop a couple of investigators, too.  😦  I really hated doing that, but we went by the Spirit and did the hard thing.  Some of the hermanas (Spanish-speaking sisters) in the area weren’t too happy about us dropping one of the investigators because that had been their investigator while they were serving in my area, but we did what we felt like we had to do.  We pray every night that we will be able to start teaching each of them again.

Exchanges and the baptismal interview were awesome!  So far we have been able to see each of the 6 new investigators we gained last week, and we are hoping to get another baptismal date this week.  Things are starting to pick up!

Okay…so the 911 calls.  Both of them were pretty crazy.  So, for the first one, we were driving out in the countryside on our way back from an appointment when the car in front of us starts swerving.  We kind of were wondering what was going on, so we passed them and it turned out to be a couple fighting.  We were just going to keep going, but then the passenger door to their car flung open and we were like, okay, we need to call this in before they kill themselves.  Don’t know what ended up happening, but State Patrol picked them up.

The next 911 call came during our teaching lesson!  We were teaching this older gentleman the Plan of Salvation, and the lesson was going great!  Spirit was there, his questions were being answered, scriptures were coming to mind pretty easily…bada-bing, bada-boom.  Felt great.  And then as we get to the three degrees of glory, he starts passing out on us.  So here we are in a tiny kitchen…me holding him up and fanning him while Elder Graham frantically looks around the room for a phone #.  There’s nothing.  I look over at the cupboard, and there’s a note that says “Dad, please check your blood sugar and take your glucose shots.”  So then I’m like “Crap.  He needs food!”  Elder Graham goes into the other room and pulls out the gentleman’s dinner that he was supposed to have eaten an hour before but never touched.  We’re trying to get him to eat it, and he just keeps shaking his head.  I’m telling him, “You need food or you’re going to pass out!”  He just keeps sitting there saying “No.”  So then we figure that we need to call the ambulance.  They come, the family comes, the neighborhood is outside staring at us…  Yeah, it was a circus.  Turns out his blood sugar was at like 47, and the family thanked us up and down.  They told us that they were so glad that we were there and that we were there at the right time.  All I could say was “Yeah, we get that a lot.”  The EMTs started laughing.

We really do get that a lot out here.  It is so crazy.  The promptings from the Spirit are no mere coincidence.  I can bear testimony to that.  All the time we hear people saying: “How did you know I needed to hear that” or “You came at the perfect time.”  It’s amazing.  I feel like the Lord’s servant, and I love it!

Basically, being a missionary rocks.  It is so fulfilling to know, in my heart each night when I go to bed, that I am where I am supposed to be (on a mission), at the right time in my life, doing what I should be doing.

Tortilla Face

Tortilla Face

This Gospel is true.  It has to be.  There is literally no other option.  The tender mercies I see every day are just small witnesses to me that the Lord is walking beside me as I hit these streets.

I love you all and hope everything is going well back home.  I will see you all in a while.  For now, I’ve got work to do.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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2 Responses to Man, this has been a crazy week! Called 911 twice…

  1. Lanu Masiasomua says:

    Your stories are funny and most inspiring. Thank you for sharing your mission experiences. Good luck on the mission field and our prayers are with you and your companion.


    Masiasomua Family (newest 4th ward members)

  2. Jeannette Douglas says:

    Elder Eastwood, I too know you are where you are supposed to be and doing the Lord’s work. You are the best of the best and we, the members of the 4th Ward, are so proud of you and love you very much. Sister Douglas

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