I only have 22 months left. It scares me. You only get 24…

The Mississippi!!!!

The Mississippi!!!!

Hey, everyone!  Sorry about this being a day late!  The internet for all Southern Iowa was off yesterday, so I didn’t get the chance to email until today.

Well, I promised some stories for everyone…  So, here it goes:

2 weeks ago we taught 6 lessons…last week we taught 21!  SO awesome.  I know that numbers are not everything, but you just feel so much better about yourself when you get back to the apartment and you get to tally up a couple lessons for the day.  It’s a pretty fulfilling feeling.  Anyways, so there’s been a lot going on here.

2 weeks ago, I was tracting with one of our priests when a black suburban pulls up and a lady yells at us out of the passenger seat to come over.  Honestly, I thought that she was just going to give us a hard time.  What she actually did when I came over and said hello was she told me, “Tell us the gist of what Mormonism is.”  NOT what I was expecting to hear, but definitely what I wanted to hear…in different words.  Yup, so I gave her and her two teenager daughters a 3-minute run-down on the restoration, bore my testimony, handed them a Book of Mormon and a card with our number on it, and they left.

What makes that story so great is that not 20 minutes later…they called back.  And not just for a lesson, but a dinner and a lesson!  I was thinking “SCORE”!  So, we go over there and teach them the first lesson, and the girls have their neighbor/schoolmate come over too.  We’ve seen them once since then while we saw them in the hospital parking lot…but that’s about it.  Hopefully, they’re still interested.

We’ve done a lot of driving lately (last week was our turn to have the truck) and we saw A LOT of countryside.  Surprise: lots of corn, soybeans, and hay.  Super pretty, though.  We have been working really hard on our less-actives and although we haven’t seen the fruits of our labors just yet, I’m confident that they will come.

Oh yeah!  Super embarrassing story!  Just so you all know, this definitely made my top-5 on most embarrassing moments.  So we have an investigator that promised to come to church if we could give him a ride.  So, Sunday morning comes around and we head over there with Bro. Wardenburg, our first counselor, to pick him up.  When we walk into the house, a lady sitting there says that he’s in the back getting ready, so we decide to wait for a second.  While we are waiting, his ride for the local Catholic church walks in.  So here I am standing shoulder to shoulder with this gentleman and we both know why the other person is there.  *cue old western gunfight music*  I looked over at him and almost said “you feelin’ lucky, punk?” (Clint Eastwood…everyone asks if I’m related…EVERYONE) but what I instead said was “are we here for the same reason?”  He says “guess so.”  Then our investigator walks out and says to us, “Oh, I’m going to my church (Catholic church) today.  Sorry.”  NOT COOL, MAN.

Well, so that’s us out here.  It’s been really hot and humid out here.  When I wear my glasses, they fog up every time I step outside.  I do feel like I am becoming a missionary though!  In most of my dreams at night, I’m still a missionary doing missionary work and I’m actually getting used to being called “Elder Eastwood”.

I just love my job.  Life is just beautiful.  The green leaves in the trees, the cotton-ball clouds in the sky, the Iowa Harvest moon at night (it’s real, folks).  Everything.  I have gained such a testimony of this Church out here.  Maybe it’s because I’m thinking about it 24/7.  I don’t know.  It’s just great.

I love you all, I love this Gospel, and I LOVE being a missionary.

(And I LOOOVVVVEEE letters.  Keep writing me, people!  Rachel E, I loved your letter.  hahaha  “PLOT TWIST!!!!”  New favorite saying.  Congrats on the mission call, by the way!)

I only have 22 months left.  It scares me.  You only get 24, and I’ve already used up two!  I need to get back to work.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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