Felt like a storm-chaser this week…

A Storm

A Storm

Crazy, awesome storm this week that hit us on our way back from zone training meeting!  I totally understand why storm chasers yell now.  It was crazy.  No tornadoes, but there were downed trees and branches flying across the highway.  One actually hit our windshield, and I thought for sure that it was going to break.  I’ll try to attach some pictures at the end.

Anyways, back to missionary work.  Haha.

Dad, I do not know how you did 50 hours of tracting in a week.  We did 21 hours this past week and I thought I was going to die (Look at Ottumwa on a map…  We have knocked 75% of the homes north of the river).  Well, I mean its not that bad…just not efficient…at all.  We did have some exciting miracles this past week though!  I’ll give each one briefly:

For the first time, in my brief tenure as a missionary, we knocked on a door and the people there said, “yes” and invited us in!  Taught the first lesson and everything!

One of our investigators (the one that we had to call 911 for a couple weeks ago) has read from 1 Nephi 10 to Alma 10 in a WEEK!

We met back with a potential that we haven’t seen in a while and he said that he would be at church Sunday before we even asked him to go.  He just waved us over while we were driving and said, “Where’s your church?  I want to go.”  YES!  SCORE!  VICTORY DANCE!  The coolest part about that is that he is one of a group of recent immigrants from West Africa that are all looking for a church to attend.  If we can get him excited, we could have over a dozen new investigators very quickly.

And that family that pulled over in the SUV and called me over?  The one that ended up inviting us to dinner?  They are best friends with a less-active family that moved out of the ward not too long ago (they’re looking to move back now), so they had us over for dinner/lesson with a couple other friends from the neighborhood all at once!  I LOVE IT!

And (well, this isn’t really a miracle, but very cool) our ward is super stoked to start getting the missionary work going in this area.  They are really excited to start utilizing church tours, inviting friends, and stepping up home/visiting teaching.

*cue Randall from Monsters Inc.  “Shh, shh, shh…do you hear that?  It’s the winds of change…”


Hopefully, I won’t have to do another 20+ hour week of tracting.  Actually, we were told that we shouldn’t have to knock another door again.  Here’s to working towards that goal!

Now for the spiritual part…

I just have to start this off by saying how much I have changed/grown.  This Gospel is no longer an important part of my life…it is my life.  As missionaries (every member), we BRING PEOPLE HOME.  That is our law, our objective, and our creed.  Nothing else in this life is of equal importance.  Whether it is our families, friends, or even us that we are working towards “bringing home”…that job…that objective is all that matters.

-Hopefully this all makes sense.  I’m typing very quickly.-

Our Heavenly Father is in every minute, minuscule, mundane detail of our lives.  He wants us home.  Why not strive to make it there?  That is where true happiness lies: in heaven.  Living with those we love most forever in a state of eternal bliss.  Having gained that perspective, challenges are made much easier to bear for me.  That long dusty road that stretches out for miles is a hard one to walk in the heat of the day when no one is answering their doors.  But you know what?  Christ walked a road much longer and much harder with much less friendlier people so that we could return to live with Him.

Let’s all continue ever onward in this great and eternal work.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood



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