Man, things are rocking out here.  The tires are finally starting to grab and the missionary work rolls on!  We averaged 96 to sacrament meeting this month compared to 82 my first month here!  And yesterday, we had 2 investigators at church and 3 less-active families!  Things are definitely picking up out here and it is exciting!

Some of the things that happened this past week:

The Giffords, our couple missionaries, went home!  They were serving in the branch next door to us (Fairfield) and if they are reading this right now, I just wanted to say that WE MISS YOU!  District meeting was a LOT less exciting without you two there.

Church tours.  We were asked to start focusing on church tours and we were able to do three this past week!  They are so awesome and I hope that we are able to do many more these upcoming weeks.  The Church building is really under-utilized and the church tours really add another dimension to our lessons.  What we do is we give our lesson like normal, but use the different rooms, objects, pictures, and lighting within the church building to teach in a whole different way (and I hate to admit it, but it sure beats walking 6 miles across town to give the lesson… haha).

Japanese!  So, I recently found out that WE ACTUALLY HAVE JAPANESE PEOPLE IN IOWA.  THEY EXIST.  Apparently, there is a whole group of them living in Eddyville at a manufacturing plant there.  President gave me permission to begin studying out of a Japanese Book of Mormon that I will be receiving at transfer meeting on the 10th!  Look out, mom!  I might be coming back more fluent than you thought!

Transfers.  I will be finding out next Monday what’s going to be happening and I’m low-key terrified.  Elder Graham will probably be moving out and I’m wondering what’s going to be happening to me.  So, to take advantage of this last full week that I will be having with Elder Graham, I have decided to be as annoying as possible on our free time.  Mwahaha!

Cooking.  I am hooked on grilled cheese right now.  My grilled cheese, that is.  I know, I know.  You’re all wondering how I managed to learn how to make such a delicate dish, right?  Well, let me tell you…I make a mean grilled cheese and that’s all I’ve eaten for the last two days.  With some pickles and ketchup, man, they’re good.  Oh, and just so you all know, NO, I have not gained any weight.  Everyone else in my transfer has gained 10 pounds, but I have only gone up 2.  Working out in the mornings and evening is paying off!

Okay, well that’s about it out of me for this week.  Hope y’all are doing well and safe wherever you are.  I love this Gospel.  I love it so much.  It’s everything to me.  All I want to do is study, preach, and pray all day long.  The missionary life is incredible.  The dog days are hard, but I am proud to be working for my Savior and Redeemer.  2 Nephi 25:23 says that we are saved by Christ’s grace after all that we can do.  Even after we do all that we can do, we still need His grace.  If we don’t do all that we can do and put off turning our life around, His mercy will have no claim upon us.  It’s never too late to serve Him.  Rally round His standard.  The enemies will fight, but victory is ours.  Let’s march to the beat of His drum until He has led us all safely home.


Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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  1. Koko's Mom says:

    I wish I could tell you this in person, J.C…. Since I can’t, I just write here. 🙂 You have no idea how happy and excited I am that you may get to talk to some Japanese people there! That is wonderful! You have no idea… 🙂 I truly enjoyed your letter I received a couple days ago, and it made me cry. You have a way of communicating with people especially with your words… I know your Japanese is kind of rough right now, but they will accept you. Even if they may be set in their own ways, I feel that they will still be friendly to you and enjoy your company. Your love for the people in Iowa will help you with the language. Enjoy your time in Eddyville! 🙂 I miss you so much, but one of the many good things about having you on a mission is that I get to read how you feel about different things. We always talked about just about everything… but I just love the way you write. I love that you are not shy about expressing your feelings in your letters. Stay safe and please cook more healthy meals… Hahaha… I’m serious! I have got to hurry up and finish the recipe book I’ve been working on… Sorry for the wait!

    I love you more,

    Mom 🙂

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