Give everything because when you do, the Lord gives back more than you could ever hope to gain on your own.

I must apologize in advance…I’ve rewritten this email like 6 times…I just don’t have it today.

A general authority once said that this region was the restored church’s crucible.  Much as it was then, so it is now for me.  Serving here in Grinnell these last couple weeks has built me up more than any other 3.5 week span in my entire life.

I feel as though…and this is going to sound strange…all of the weak points in my armor are being identified and shown before my eyes.  Missions have a strange knack for that.

But, I’m growing for it!  I truly feel like I have become SUCH a better missionary in just the last week.  I’ve been watching all of the different District training videos during meal times like they’re going out of style and have been learning a lot about how I can be better and more efficient.  Elder Garner actually makes fun of me saying that I’m too hard on myself and obsessed with getting better.  Well, I am!  If I’m not perfect, I’m not good enough.  There’s always something that can be improved.  I’m not hard on myself, I just want to be better.

And though we had an especially trying week, it was still full of miracles!  For one, I still have all of my toes!

One of the miracles this week was Carol.  We found her while tracting a couple days ago and she invited us in.  We shared with her the first lesson and she took it very well!  She even came to the branch Christmas party that evening and fell in love with our branch!  She couldn’t come to church on Sunday because she got really sick (she was so bummed because she is now friends with basically everyone), but she promised she would come next time!

Well, another week in the life of Elder Eastwood.

I love you all and pray each day for all of you.  Stay safe, stay warm, and stay amazing.  This world truly is a wondrous place full of wondrous people.

A very short spiritual message today, but it has been running through my head all week: We cannot expect the Lord to give us everything when we give nothing in return.  We are dealing with the eternal salvation of every soul we come into contact with.  There is no weighter manner.  We cannot afford to not constantly be on our toes, prepared, and polished.  We cannot.  Give everything because when you do, the Lord gives back more than you could ever hope to gain on your own.

Keep your head up,
Elder Eastwood


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