Do any of you realize how many miracles there are in our lives?

It’s hard to believe that I am just a couple days away from being 6 months old in the mission field, and that Fall Semester at BYU was over a year ago.  If I wasn’t actually here typing this, I couldn’t say that I would believe it myself!

Well, transfer calls came out today, and we still haven’t gotten anything, so, as expected, I will probably be here in Grinnell for at least another 6 weeks to finish training Elder Garner.

…I feel like I complain too much about the weather here.  You know there’s really some great things about all of this snow and ice!  …I don’t exactly know what they are yet…but I’m looking!

Well, this last week was amazing.  First of all, I was able to Skype home on Christmas day and see my family!  I loved seeing you all so much and am looking forward to seeing y’all again on Mother’s Day!  I also really enjoyed all of the Christmas cards/gifts from family and friends, the recipe book and all of those that shared recipes with me, and the Spirit of Christ that really made itself manifest this last week.

And Happy Birthday to my grandma!!!!  I love you!  I promise that I’ll be there to tell you that in person in a year and a half!

Do any of you realize how many miracles there are in our lives?  I was blown away last night as I lay there in bed falling asleep, when a thought popped into my mind about how far this area has come.  When Elder Garner and I came here 6 weeks ago, we had nothing to go off of.  We opened a new area and had an empty area book.  But we have worked.  Worked hard.  And we now have a long list of investigators, a really long list of potentials, a lot less Book of Mormons in the apartment, and the satisfaction of knowing that we are doing His work.  What more could you ask for?

Yesterday, we were praying really hard to know what to teach to a couple that’s investigating in our area.  We felt strongly impressed to teach on tithing.  After teaching it to them, they told us of a couple experiences that had happened within the last 24 hours that dealt exactly with tithing, including the man praying to God and asking how he was going to pay the bills.

I have a testimony that God lives and He is behind this work.  I know that despite me being a missionary, the work will move forward.  And I will give every last bit of myself to this work.  Because my mission is not going to end until the day I die.  Then, I suppose, I’ll just get transferred to another branch up there.

Carry on.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood  


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