Happy New Year to Everyone!

Why aren’t there any polar bears in Iowa?  BECAUSE IT’S TOO COLD!

Woke up today to find that it was a balmy -50 F with windchill.  Something is horribly wrong when the refrigerators and freezers are working to keep your food warm.  Geez, I put my hot chocolate in the freezer yesterday to keep it warm.  What is this place?

Well, Happy New Year to everyone!  Hopefully you haven’t broken your New Year’s resolutions quite yet and are still going strong!  My resolution this year (my only calendar year in the field), was to go to work and forget everything else.

Before I share a spiritual thought, I just wanted to mention how good the Lord has been to us in this area…because it sure isn’t us bringing about these miracles.  We just walk around trying to find people and He just showers us every. single. day. with those prepared to hear.  It’s incredible and I’m at a loss for words.  A full description on just what has happened would be too long, and I would quite literally be here all day.  Suffice it to say, I have taught more investigator lessons in the last couple weeks combined than maybe in the rest of my mission combined.

–for anyone not familiar with what we do as missionaries–

The question that we pose an answer to is a question we must all answer at some point in our lives: which church is true?  The prophets of old all directed those around them to repent and follow certain commandments.  Christ did so as well.  He even appointed his Apostles and other disciples to serve as missionaries and commanded them all to go forth and spread the word.  It is an eternal truth that there is not only an order in heaven and one true church, but that we must unite with it.  So how do you find it?  We pose a simple answer to this complicated question.  That is, if you read and ponder the Book of Mormon and then sincerely ask Heavenly Father if it is true, He will manifest the truthfulness of it unto you.  It is that simple.  God would not lead you down paths that take you away from Him, so you will know that when He tells you that it is true, it is true.  He has promised that is you sincerely read and pray, you will receive an answer.  Put it to the test.

I know that Christ lives.  Even if He were to manifest himself before me as I sit here in this library, my knowledge would not be any greater than it is now that He lives.  This mission has turned my faith into knowledge, my weaknesses into strengths, and my pride into a deep understanding of how very much I rely upon His tender mercies.

The Jews did not crucify Christ.  The Romans didn’t, either.  We did.  Our actions caused His suffering.  I tremble to know that I took a turn pounding the nails into His palms and feet.  I tremble.  But I know that I can serve Him through my thoughts, words, and actions.  Let’s all renew ourselves as brothers and sisters to bring forth greater knowledge, truth, and love.

I know He lives.  And I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture.  And you can, too.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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