Yup, I literally had a tear freeze on my eyelashes. *sobstory

Well, it’s like -30 or -40 out there right now after wind chill, and we’re walking around town.  It poses a bit of a problem for my vision.  If I wear glasses, my breath fogs them up…and then the water on the lenses freezes.  If I wear my contacts, the breeze is so strong that it irritates my eyes, so that I can barely open my eyes.  I know, life is so hard, right?  Well, the result was frozen tears.  Yup, I literally had a tear freeze on my eyelashes.  *sobstory


Anyways, back to the real stuff.

Incredible week this past week during which we tied my 2nd highest amount of lessons taught in a week: 16.  We also found a new record 6 investigators….which brings our total to 14 investigators in our area!  That’s pretty crazy because we only have 10 active members in that same area.  We have just been having so many incredible miracles in this area, and I dread the thought of leaving it.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll end up staying?  I’ll find out in another 2 weeks.

So, some examples of the amazing miracles: a non-member gave us two referrals of families in his church that already agreed to meeting with us, non-member families feed us on a regular basis (where are we?!?), the mother of a new family of four that we are teaching already believes that the Book of Mormon is true, and the couple that we committed to paying tithing continue to tell us of the miracles they are experiencing.  Oh, and I gave a talk on Sunday that didn’t bore everyone to tears.  Miracles everywhere!

Well, I guess that’s about it really.  Lots of work, lots of fun, and not a whole lot of warmth.  OH, TOTALLY FORGOT!

(I was supposed to write this in here last week.)

So, 2 weeks ago, I had one of the most sacred experiences in my life.  Elder Lewis, my last companion who is still back in Ottumwa, called me up to tell me about all of the miracles that had transpired since I had left.  I couldn’t stop smiling as he told me about countless investigators that had decided to become baptized, long-time less-active members had started coming back, and those that had been re-activated/baptized during my stay were still going strong.  One of our investigators there that got baptized is now going to serve a mission!  Another wants me to come back to baptize her on Feb. 8th!  These people that he called me about…I love them.  We spent countless hours in lessons, giving service, trying to get them to church…etc.  And to hear that they were coming unto the Savior…I couldn’t even handle it.  After the phone call, I told Elder Garner that I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep and in a private, quiet moment, I wept.  Words cannot describe the joy I felt.  All I could think about was how when I get to the other side, I’m going to see them all there with me and how I’m going to give them all the biggest hugs of their lives.  And then we’ll all know that we made it.  We made it.  That’s why I serve.  No other reason interests me.  The reason I serve is to bring that joy into other people’s lives.  There’s nothing like it.

I bear solemn witness that Christ lives and the He will never. stop. loving. you.  Neither will I.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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The mom of Koko "Puff", a Doberman pup, who has destroyed a lot of things...
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