The blessings of the Gospel are worth any sacrifice.

Sorry for not being able to email yesterday!  We had a zone P-day in Ankeny for the first time and it was amazing!  …but between that and our appointment out in the country…well, there was no time.

Well, we had interviews this past week and President basically told me that I would be leaving this next week on the 13th, so we’ll see where that takes me.  I’m excited to begin hastening the work of salvation in a new area of the mission, but I am not enjoying the thought of leaving this place.  It’s strange how much you come to love these places when you throw yourself into the work.  You really do.

In honor of Grinnell (and because I never seem to share any stories on here), here’s a few of the highlights of the last 3 months here:

– 15 new investigators in 10 weeks
– Invited a preacher to be baptized
– 3rd degree burn on my hand
– Sang a solo at a Christmas party at a care facility
– Was threatened over the phone
– Survived -50 F
– Went to Bass Pro Shops (yup, definitely makes the list)

It’s been a great area.  I’ve loved every second of it.

But perhaps the greatest part of the experience has been the spiritual growth that I have been able to witness in myself and those around me.  That is where my greatest joy lies: the eternal happiness of others.  When you realize your purpose as a missionary and the incredible role that you play in the grand scheme of things, your entire outlook on life changes.  The mission changes from a 2-year service to the Lord into something much more grand.

I know that my Savior lives.  That knowledge comes in part from the loving example of my family, but the knowledge also comes from personal experience that has been nothing short of miraculous.  I do not know why I have been allowed to be able to witness so many mighty miracles in this lifetime.  Perhaps I needed a stronger push than others to stay true.  However, what I have learned and gained from these experiences is a faith in the Lord that can and will withstand the storms of life.

The blessings of the Gospel are worth any sacrifice, brothers and sisters.  That is my humble testimony.  Stay true and press on.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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