There is more.

President surprised us both out here!  He gave me a call this morning asking me to train a new Elder once more, and to stay here in Grinnell!  Elder Garner’s fate remains uncertain at this point.  …Wow, that sounded really ominous…  Oh, well.

This is me with Elder Garner at the only Bass Pro in Iowa.

This is me with Elder Garner at the only Bass Pro in Iowa.

Well, D&C 4 states that “the fields are white.”  I have become convinced that whether they be white from snow or from the all too apparent signs of harvest-time, they are there and ready for a servant of the Lord to come and do their part.  Oh, how I plead with the Lord each day and night for his power to qualify me and make me equal to this great work.

If nothing else, becoming a missionary teaches you that the purpose of this life is not what is held in common esteem by the likes of the men and women of today.  I have realized that if you could have everything but the Gospel, even if you were to live as the stars of today do in their gilded mansions, fast cars, and surrounded by servants, you would still feel the penetrating pangs of emptiness that come with a separation from God.  I cannot imagine the extreme feelings of loneliness and sorrow that undoubtedly accompanied Adam and Eve as they walked away from the Garden and into the lonesome plains and deserts of the mortal world.

To be truly happy, it is not money, a slim waist, or many friends that is required.  Being truly happy lies in the knowledge that God lives.  That Christ suffered for you.  That there’s a way back.  That this life isn’t all there is.  There is more.  More than this.  More than what you see on the news.  More than anything you can possibly mention.  There is more.  And it is not only real, but it is attainable.  For you, for your family, your friends, the whole world.  This Gospel is what will bind the wounds of the broken-hearted, lift up the down-trodden, and heal the afflicted.  I am convinced that happiness lies not only in this knowledge, but in the application of it.

It’s true. That’s all there is to it.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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