Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us that we’re going to make it.

There comes a time in our lives when we all need to know that things are going to get better.  Sometimes, we just need to know that someone cares.  Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us that we’re going to make it.

For any of you reading this that need to hear that, I’m here to tell you that you will make it.

I cannot count how many times in my life I have gone down on my knees to pray to my Heavenly Father in the depths of humility and sorrow, only to then be lifted up above ANYTHING that I could’ve accomplished on my own two feet.

What does the Atonement of Jesus Christ teach us other than that this life is possible?  You CAN put down that cigarette or drink, you CAN wake up tomorrow, you CAN get along with that person, you CAN be a good person.  You can do all things that the Lord asks of you.

When the Lord calls us to go through hard times, He does not call us, then leave us alone.  He walks alongside of us every step of the way.  Whether or not we heed His promptings or accept His outstretched hand is up to us, but it is always there.  Rise up, oh ye men and women of God!  Forsake Babylon and come unto Zion!  Why do we seek to engage ourselves in things of no eternal worth?  Why do we not live up to the potential within ourselves?  Why do we not repent and come unto Him?

Trust in God and carry on, everyone.  It is not just the only way, it is the only reasonable way.  I implore, beseech, and plead with whomever reads this to come unto Him and be strengthened, edified, and above all, transformed.

I bear witness of our loving Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Oh, how I love them.  There have been so many occasions on my mission that I have thought to myself, “so this is what it feels like to sing the song of His redeeming love!”  I have found my Savior.  Many others in Iowa have as well.  Come unto Him!

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


About Koko's Mom

The mom of Koko "Puff", a Doberman pup, who has destroyed a lot of things...
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