An interesting dream…

I apologize, this email is kind of everywhere and not well organized.  I had a lot of people to reply to and sort of neglected this.  My apologies!

So, I’m going to start this email off with an interesting dream that I had this past week.  In the dream I was a part of a 26 mile bike race and I had just finished it and done pretty well.  Right after I finished, someone volunteered me to do another.  And even though I was tired, I accepted the challenge.  A middle-aged woman came over to me and handed me a new bike for the new race.  It was a good-looking bike, but it had some problems, so I sat down and started repairing it.  I began to get a little frustrated because it seemed like no matter how hard I tried, nothing was improving.  Just then, the lady walked over to me and handed me the wheels.  It wasn’t until right then that I realized that I had been focusing all of my energy on the things that mattered least (the gear-shift transitioning smoothly, the brakes being tight…) and not on what mattered most (the wheels weren’t even on).

As I stood in the shower that morning, I was pondering how this could be applied to me in my life. I felt like I was focusing on the major things…I mean, I’m serving a mission for the Lord.  But then I realized that this had EVERYTHING to do with my dealings with my investigators, companions, and members out here.  I have been focusing on all the details when I should have been focusing more on the main points/objectives.  Since then, I have changed a lot of things about the way I act/teach/talk with others.  Before, it was trying to get them to understand me.  Now, I’m striving to understand them.  Now, I’m teaching specifically to the commitment.  I’m striving to teach my investigators how to fish rather than just handing them the fish and saying “there ya go, it’s a good one.”

To put it simply, I’m really developing as a missionary and as a person out here.

Keep the faith, y’all.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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The mom of Koko "Puff", a Doberman pup, who has destroyed a lot of things...
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