This Easter Season

In all my time here in the mission field, I don’t think that I have ever enjoyed myself as much as I do here in Quincy.  The weather is warming up and people are finally outside of their homes, I have become a master at making healthy smoothies, our district plays trash ball every P-day for a couple of hours, I’m actually working out in the morning again, I’ve dropped 6 pounds since coming out into the field, my understanding of the Gospel continues to deepen as I read, ponder, and live it…things are just incredible.

Guess who got to go laser tagging on a member's birthday?  This guy.  They call me "Clint."

Guess who got to go laser tagging on a member’s birthday?  This guy.  They call me “Clint.”

That's right.  Spinach and egg omelette with sausage and cheese.  Who said that I can't cook?  

That’s right.  Spinach and egg omelette with sausage and cheese.  Who said that I can’t cook?

This past week, we were walking along a street when we saw a young man walking out to his car to fill it up with some gas from a gas can, so we stopped to talk with him.  As we spoke of the Gospel and the Restored truths, he began to become more and more interested until finally, after 45 mins, he told us that he was going to go online to buy himself a Book of Mormon!  Boy, was he happy when I said, “Here, I’ve already got one for you.”  Things are looking up here in Quincy!

With Easter being right around the corner, I wanted to bear special witness of my Savior, Lord, and Redeemer. Never have more joyful words been spoken unto the ears of man than those spoken by the angels in Matthew 28:6, where it says: “He is not here, for He is risen…”  It is of this great event, that I bear witness this day.  It is difficult for me to put these feelings that I feel into words.  I actually don’t think that it is possible to merely profess it.  No, you must live it.  And perhaps that is where I will have to “show” my testimony.  In my daily thoughts, words, and actions.  Keeping ever in mind, that it is only through His atoning sacrifice that any one of us have even the slightest chance at stepping through those pearly gates.  He is my Savior.  Oh, how I love Him.  Oh, how I seek to emulate Him.  He is Christ, the Redeemer.  And He is Risen.

Touch Me Not by Minerva Teichert

Touch Me Not by Minerva Teichert

Faith and Honor,

Elder Eastwood


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