The Best Week of My Mission

This past week was one of the best weeks of my entire mission!  We taught 22 lessons and 10 of them were investigator lessons!  Some really great stories too!

First off, the Kirksville District came to our District and spent the night on a blitz exchange so that we could all be in town for interviews with Pres. Jensen the next day.  We kind of decided that we needed to do something fun, so we went to TCBY’s (the country’s best yogurt), and did the “Quart Challenge”.  1 quart of frozen yogurt.  I downed it in less than 10 minutes like a champ.  My parents must be so proud.

IMG_0269 2

Got to re-roof a house this week!  Carrying shingles up long ladders is now on my top 10 list of “Things that I Never Want to Do Again”.

We met a guy named Jay that was so sweet!  He had so many questions of the soul, and he even made some fried chicken for us that was way good!  But at the end of our lesson, he says “Alright, time for some shots” and puts some salt on his hand, licks it, takes a swig of vodka, and then takes a bite out of a lime.  He looks over at me and says, “Your turn.” Hahaha  I was laughing so hard.  We all were laughing!  Haha  He then jokingly said “Hey, I think I can hear your mom calling!”  So, I told him “Yup, that’s her…  Better get going.” Hahha.  So great.

So, we had a lesson with one of the coolest guys that I have met on my mission: Lamar.  We taught him the Restoration this week on his front porch, and everything was going super well.  He has such an incredible understanding of the Spirit, I love it.  Anyways, we’re just about to read Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision when his aunt comes out and calls him in for dinner.  I was so bummed!  But, when he was walking into the house, he turned around and asked me the coolest question that I have ever been asked on my mission.  He looked at me and excitedly asked, “Do you really think that there could be prophets and apostles on the Earth today??”  He wants to believe it so badly.  And so far, it seems like he does.

In short, such an amazing week.  The time is flying by so quickly.  In another 2 weeks or so, I’ll be 10.  What in the world??

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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