Tornado Warnings

Had a crazy storm yesterday!  Elder Brooks and I are in a walking area, so we got DRENCHED out there in downtown Quincy.  Luckily, some members took us in during the worst of it.  We actually had to run back outside because a huge branch fell on top of their van and was blocking 5th Street.  Then we received word from Pres. Jensen that we were all to be grounded at home, so they gave us a ride home and I got to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Pretty great.  No tornadoes, but we had a warning lasting through 8 PM.

Also, today is my 300th day as a missionary, and I will officially hit 10 months as of this coming Saturday!  Where is the time flying??

Oh!  And a shout-out to my parents who will be celebrating their anniversary this week!

Well, we had another amazing week this past week here in Quincy.  We were able to give a lot of service now that the lawns are green and the flowers are blooming again.  It was so great to be out in a t-shirt and shorts again.  Remember the guy that I emailed about last week named Lamar?  Well, we were able to teach him again, and he is SO sweet!  He told us, “I believe you because last time you came, He was with you.”  I love this Gospel.

I’d like to close this week by testifying of the need for good home teachers.  Outside of our own families, our home teaching families should be coming first in our lives.  We have been called by God himself to serve these people.  Home teaching is the greatest calling there is in the church.  To all who have been called to serve as home teachers and are reading this, I would like extend to you some self-evaluation questions that will help you to fulfill your role as a good home teacher.

First, how well do you know your families?  Do you know all of the kids’ names?  Do you know their birthdays?  Do you know how they’re doing in school?  Do you know with what aspects of the Gospel they may be struggling?

Second, how well do you know your message each time that you go?  Do you read it over on the way there or do you spend as much time preparing for it as you do the Sunday School lesson?

Third, are you only concerned about them once a month?  And is that one time usually on the 30th or the 31st of that month?  Being true home teachers requires more than a once a month visit.  For some, it may require weekly visits.  You know who those families are.

Above all else, I want you to consider what they think of you.  Are you the sort of home teacher that their kids could bear witness of in a sacrament meeting 60 years from now saying that their home teacher loved them?  Are you one of the first people on their speed dial?  Are you a friend?  A friend cares, loves, and doesn’t visit just to get “credit.”

Home teaching, like full-time missionary work, is a labor of love.  Do it.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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