I love you, Mom. Thank you for your examples in all things.

So, we had a big week this past week!  I am now training yet another missionary!  The new boy is Elder Schwartz from Taylorsville, UT and he is a stud!  We had a miracle filled week and in the first 2.5 days he was here, we taught 10 lessons and gained 3 new investigators.  We’re gearing up for a miracle filled summer as the grills fire up and people head outside.  

At the Nauvoo Temple - I love that tie.

At the Nauvoo Temple – I love that tie.

IMG_0476 IMG_0470

On Sunday, the Quincy Ward split and Elder Schwartz and I are now serving in the Quincy 1st Ward.  We are working hard towards splitting the Ward once more before Elder Schwartz’s training is up because we are really close to having enough priesthood for a Branch to be created in Camp Point. That could possibly cause a new stake to be formed because we now have 12 units in the Nauvoo Stake.

I also got to talk to the family on Mother’s Day!  I missed you all so much!  It was so great to see you and hear from you.  And it’s to this regard, that I would like to share my spiritual thought today.

Families are so, so, so important.  When you look at this life from an eternal perspective, you realize something.  Life is so incredibly short, but there is so incredibly much depending upon how we spend this time.  Families are so important because it is within the walls of the home that we are born, raised, taught, and trained.  So much is riding upon how we use our personal agency while we are upon this Earth!  I have heard it said that “true love must include the idea of forever.”  It is only through the blessings of the temple that we can truly attain that “idea of forever.”  In fact, it can become a reality.  When we do that and then do all that we can to raise our family with a constant focus on Christ and His teachings…we can be the sort of parents that our Heavenly Father wants us to be.  Parents more like Him.

I look forward to raising a family based upon these principles more than anything else in this life.

And yes, mom, I did do the Seaman's dishes.  She offered to take a pic of me doing it.  haha.

And yes, mom, I did do the Seaman’s dishes.  She offered to take a pic of me doing it. haha.

And thank you, Mom, for being the most amazing and incredible mother in the entire world.  I have truly learned on my mission what the Sons of Helaman meant when they said “our mothers had taught us.”  I love you, Mom.  You are beautiful, thoughtful, kind, and humble.  Thank you for your example in all things.  I love you.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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