Find someone who is having a hard time and help them this week…

Crazy week this past week.  So, in the course of this past week:

-Elder Schwartz, my companion, was sent home due to poor health and will be re-assigned to another mission that suits him better
-Elder Wood, my zone leader and MTC companion, was sent home to heal from a broken leg
-I was paired up with Elder Leavitt, our other zone leader, for the remainder of the transfer
-I have given four trainings in two days
-I now cover two wards
-Elder Leavitt and I have wall to wall appointments to the point that when someone wants to schedule with us, we cannot fit them in until the following week
-I’m going to MLC as a District Leader tomorrow

…and a whole lot more.

The guys - 2 of them are home now   *sniff

The guys – 2 of them are home now *sniff


The District in front of our home

The District in front of our home

The days have never flown by so fast as they are right now.  Being able to teach this much is a missionary dream, and I can just feel the Spirit constantly flowing and surrounding me.  It’s one of the most incredible feelings.  Everyone feels the Spirit differently.  One of the Young Women in the ward described it as feeling like she “had glitter in her veins.”  To me, it feels like someone is pouring a bucket of warm water over my head.  Sometimes, it feels like the Spirit does a cannonball into my chest.  To borrow another a quote, the Spirit is “the ultimate warm-fuzzy.  It is the only time that you can feel goosebumps and warm flashes at the same time.”

Well, in other news, we had an INCREDIBLE lesson last night!  We taught this wonderful man named Greg that sort of reminds me like one of the guys off of Duck Dynasty, but he’s super soft spoken and humble.  He expressed to us how strong of a faith he has in the Lord and about how he has been searching all of his life for a church.  He then told us about some hardships that he has been experiencing and about how he feels like he has been “running on empty” for a while.  When he met us on the street, he was hoping that we could give him that boost that he needed.  He got so excited when I told him that I know something that “would do just the trick.”  We taught him the First Lesson, and testified with all of our souls that Christ’s Atonement is our key to the eternities and that through the Restoration of the Gospel, we are able to access that through the blessings and power of the priesthood.

When Elder Leavitt recited Joseph Smith’s First Vision to Greg, he listened with rapt attention with his eyes fixed on Elder Leavitt’s.  They never broke eye contact.  After Elder Leavitt finished, all Greg could say was “Wow.”  He was so excited to hear the rest of it that he told us to keep going.  haha.  And then at the end of the lesson, we invited him to say the closing prayer.  He then said that he’d rather that I did it.  I told him, with a bit of hesitation, that I would, but he better next time.  Right then, Elder Leavitt showed him a passage in the Restoration pamphlet that teaches us how to pray.  So, we get ready to pray again (with me about to say it) and he says, “Stop!  I’ll say it!”  haha!  It was so great!  He’s so excited to see the church!  We’re going to give him a church tour today at 4.

This Gospel is so true, you all.  I love you and pray for you always.  Please find someone who is having a hard time and help them this week.  There is so much unnecessary suffering in the world.  We should strive, each day, to add to the sum total of Christ-like love and happiness found in the world.  That, in my opinion, is a great day.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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