Honor without Compromise

Sorry, but I will have to rush through this.  Lots of emails today (THANK YOU!), so not a lot of time for this.

Well, another awesome week this week!  First off, Josh and Marranda got married!!!  It was such a cool experience to see one of your investigators taking the necessary steps to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him (Moroni 10:32).  She is one of 6 investigators that we are heavily working with right now.  Please keep them, as well as us, in your prayers.

Elder Deeds and I decorated Josh and Marranda's ride!  haha

Elder Deeds and I decorated Josh and Marranda’s ride! haha

We were also able to be a part of the Nauvoo Pageant this past week!  We are in the finale every Friday night!  We run up on stage and sing our heart outs (even though the music is a recording) and represent the Lord our God.  It’s truly one of the greatest feelings to belt out “Called to Serve” and “Redeemer of Israel” before a crowd of 2,000.  It really just lights your insides on fire!  AND I saw Sister Kaelie Searle there!  She introduced me to all of the other Nauvoo Temple Mission as “the boy that I babysat”…  Ugh, well, I guess some things never change.

Guess who?!

Guess who?!

Nauvoo Temple

Nauvoo Temple


My companion, Elder Deeds

My companion, Elder Deeds

Singing "Called to Serve"

Singing “Called to Serve”

While in Nauvoo, I also had the humbling experience of finding one of my ancestors’ names on a list of the pioneers who gave their lives trying to find and establish a home for themselves in the West.  The feeling was compounded when I knelt down next to Joseph Smith’s grave.  The Spirit didn’t whisper to me that time.  The feeling that there lay a prophet of God was impressed upon me so strongly it startled me.  

My ancestor listed among those, who lost their lives seeking religious freedom

My ancestor listed among those, who lost their lives seeking religious freedom

So much has been going on and will continue to go on here in Quincy.  As we press forward with faith, the blessings will follow.  As we continue to forge forever forward through the “mists of darkness” found covering the world today, we will find our eternal reward IF we remember to CLING to the word of the Lord (1 Nephi 8).

Parley Street

Parley Street

Elder Deeds

Elder Deeds

Throughout my mission, I have felt the distinct impression that I need to teach, preach, and heal as did the prophets, apostles, and missionaries of old: boldly, nobly, and persistently.  I am so tempted to get a soap box of my own and plop it down in Washinigton Park, here in Quincy.  This all stems from my testimony of this Gospel.  It has kindled a fire within me that can not be put out.  My heart seems to swell above that which can be contained in my chest.  I just always want to be a missionary.  Always!  When I die, I want my plaque to read “Called to Serve.”  That way, everyone will know what I will be doing with my time on the other side.

Honor without compromise,
Elder Eastwood

Yes, I’m changing my signature.


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