Quad Cities!

Well, I am now a zone leader in the Davenport 1st Ward, North area! Our zone covers the “Quad Cities” (Davenport, IA / Bettendorf, IA / Moline, IL / Rock Island, IL), and we have 20 missionaries here in all. My new companion is Elder Weilenmann from Salt Lake City, UT. He’s a pretty cool guy with about the worst 5 o’clock shadow in the mission.  He also used to do a lot of MMA-style fighting back home, so I’m a little intimidated.  I told him that if I can just get him into the water, I’ll win.  WATER POLO!

In other news, I love my new area!  The ward here is amazing and I’m already falling in love with this place.  Except for the fact that there was a fair in town and Lady Antebellum, Alan Jackson, and the Eli Young Band all came and played on separate nights.  …yup… We were proselyting on the opposite end of town those nights.  Dad, I hope you’re proud of me.  You know how much I love those artists. haha.

Oh, and it was so sad to go to see all of the members at church on Sunday.  It was sad because they were all so dissappointed that Elder Brown (whom I replaced) was now gone.  —So, funny story, I knew Elder Brown at BYU and we’re both crossing our fingers that we’ll get to serve together—  So, I got up to bear my testimony and I started it off by saying “I’m sorry that I ruined all of your lives by replacing Elder Brown…” haha.  It’s all good now, though.  This ward is really awesome.

Also, Kaushay Colvin (another friend from BYU) lives in the Davenport 2nd Ward!  Her mom came up and said “hi” on Sunday! haha. 

Well, life is just going great out here. I hit 13 months yesterday, the zone is full of inredible missionaries/members, and the Spirit never leaves my side.  It’s so wonderful to see people recognize that Spirit that is within them.  I have seen this Gospel bless so many people’s lives over the course of my mission.  I may not have seen a baptism since last October or so, but that’s okay.  We will soon.  Because that’s what we do.  We are the Lord’s missionaries.  We preach, we teach, we heal, and we baptize.  I love my God.  And I love all of you.  Keep the faith.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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