Do You Feel Spiritually Filled?

Hey, y’all!

Just sitting in the library while the man on my left is watching a Youtube video on the “Power of Love,” and the man on my right is on an online dating website.  Awkward.

Anyways, yet another week is in the books.  And just like most of the others, it flew by.  It was a bit of a slower teaching week.  The missionaries here baptized all of the progressing investigators right before I got here, so we now have a large pool of un-interested investigators.  Time to do what members do best, finding.  I actually really enjoy going finding.  You’d think that after knocking out 13,000 people in Otttumwa, 3,000 in Grinnell, and street contacting everyone we saw on the streets of Quincy that I’d be burnt out…but not at all! 

There’s something that one of the members (Bro. Wright) said over the pulpit on Sunday that really stuck out to me.  In the Book of 3 Nephi when Christ is administering the sacrament to the Nephites, it states that “they were filled.”  We’ve all seen the portions on the sacrament tray.  They’re not exactly what I would call “filling,” but they are “filling” in another sense.  They fill us spiritually.  And so, I’d like to ask everyone out there reading this email…  Do you feel spiritually filled after partaking of the sacrament?  If you do not, please consider what you could be doing to make that ordinance more meaningful to you.  I testify that it can fill you.  Over and over again each week as we attend church.  

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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