Surgery, Recovery, and Conference

These last couple of days have been rather brutal.  On Thursday, we met back up with my doctor and he went over the results of about 10 tests/x-rays that I had been through over the last couple of weeks.  Apparently, the internal structure of my nose/sinuses was really messed up and although he didn’t believe that it was the only problem, he did believe that it was significant enough to warrant surgery.  So on Friday, I went under and had the procedure.  What I didn’t know while it was all going on (I was passed out) was that it was more serious than they thought and they ended up having to do more than they had originally planned for.  They even almost had to set up an emergency blood transfusion for me because I guess I started bleeding a lot more than they expected.

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So yup, since then I’ve been laying propped up in bed with enough cloth up my nose to make a quilt and so dizzy that I can’t stay on my feet for more than a minute or two at a time.

Suffice it to say, I was not able to listen to as much of General Conference as I had wanted to, but I will be catching up all week long! 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about trials and why we have to go through them and these are the thoughts that I put together:

In my opinion, people most often become angry or frustrated when going through a trial not because of how hard it is, but because they didn’t get to choose it.  As human beings, we enjoy recognition, a good reputation, and knowing that others think highly of us.  Something about our very nature enjoys the idea of overcoming adversity.  Yet when some new challenge that we weren’t prepared for blind-sides us, we feel just that: blind-sided.  We feel like someone pulled one over on us.  A proverbial punch in the dark when we weren’t looking.  And then we start asking, “Why?”

Here is what many people do not realize: life is hard no matter who you are or who you play for.  We all go through trials!  But it’s not because there is an all-powerful being sitting up in the clouds that enjoys seeing you stumble.  It’s because we have to.  In order for us to become what we truly can become, we must go through the “furnace of affliction.”  Let’s use steel as an example here.  In order to make high-grade steel, a metal-worker must bring the metal to extreme levels of heat in order to get rid of any impurities that may be found in the metal while other materials are continuously added in.  Then and only then, when the steel is hot AND pure, has it become malleable and strong.  You see, for lack of a better way to put it, the only way to get the bad stuff out and the good stuff in, was to heat the metal up to a point where such could occur.  As it is in metal, so it is with us.  There are certain things to be gained through going through a trial that simply cannot be gained in any other way.  Even Christ had to go through the Atonement, not only to pay for our sins, but also so that He would know for Himself what we each individually had gone through/needed.  He needed to know.

So yes, pain is a necessary pre-requisite to building muscle.  However, as any athlete knows, unless you are doing the right exercises, you are wasting your time.  I could go to the gym every day and do a bunch of exercises that look really cool and hurt, but if they aren’t the ones I need, there is no point in doing them. Here is where it becomes so vital to choose God as your constant master.  While you will still go through trials, many of which will seem to blind-side you, you can remain confident that He has chosen that trial for you and that as you remain faithful, you are doing your part to get through it.  Together, there is quite literally, no limit on what it is you may become.

The moral of the story? Trials stink, but you need them.  And sometimes, the ones you need most aren’t necessarily the ones you saw coming.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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