Medical Update

I have been cleared by my doctors to return to Iowa!  But I am now waiting on the Mission Department.  They are supposed to call me when they have a plane ticket for me…but they haven’t called yet.  So as for now, I am still waiting to go back out there.

Today, I had to say goodbye to half of my district-away-from-my-mission.  The San Bernardino 4th Ward District just had transfers and lost half of its members, so it was a little sad to say goodbye.  I’ve been working with them so much while I’ve been home that I really do feel like I’m a part of this district here.  It’s been neat and I’ve learned a lot from them.  Hopefully, when I return, I can apply the things that I’ve learned from the California Redlands Mission to the Iowa Des Moines Mission.

There have definitely been some positives to being home during this time.  I’ve learned from missionaries in a different mission, been able to attend the temple, catch up on sleep, and been able to plan things out for after the mission.  I’ve also been able to push the “reset” button on myself, as well.  It’s hard to explain, but going home after an extended absence is good for reminding you who you are an where you came from.  It’s just been nice to remind myself of those things.  I am excited to return to Iowa with a fresh perspective and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  I want to make the most of what little time I have left.  With me returning home for my “actual” homecoming in July, I only have a 7.5 months left on my mission.  That’s 5 transfers.  I’ve got to kick it into overdrive when I head back out.

The spiritual thought that I’d like to share for this week is that we cannot worry too much about the details of life.  And I say that simply because at a certain point, we can’t control them.  We can do all that we can and make our absolute best effort, but at some point, we have to trust that Heavenly Father is in charge and will take care of it.  I had to learn this lesson this past week.  I’ve been extremely frustrated lately because I feel ready to go back to Iowa.  I’ve felt ready for a long time now.  Actually, I never wanted to leave.  But this past week, the doctors FINALLY gave me the green light…only to now have the mission department not giving me the call.  It’s annoying.  But I can’t sit here and get worked up over things I have no control over.  All I can do is roll with the punches and relax.

If any of you find yourselves in a similar situation where things just don’t seem to work as planned even though you’re putting in the work, remember that they ARE going according to plan.  His plan.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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