I’ve Definitely Gained Some Weight…

Hey, y’all!  Just received transfer calls this morning, and I am going Zone Leader again!  So, the “Super Fly Tri” has come to an end.  My two companions here will both be staying here in Waukee.  Holy cow, I will be going to my 6th area and 12th companion here in a couple days…and I’m barely 17 months!  I must be terrible.  Haha.

With Instruments...

With Instruments…

Well, I don’t think there’s any good way to recount all that has happened this last week, so I’m just going to do it in bullet form…

-Gave service chopping/stacking wood in 6 F weather Thanksgiving morning with the best family ever
-Ate ’til it hurt on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Isaak Family's

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Isaak Family’s

-Ran into two member families with ukuleles!  I got to play the 4 chords I know! haha
-Performed with the ward choir
-Did a BUNCH of tracting.  No investigators yet, but did gain a couple potentials!
-Ate 5 meals in one day
-I finished the Jethro burger at Jethro’s BBQ!  That’s a $20 burger with a pound of fries.  Yup, goodbye money.  So worth it though.  The pork tenderloin on the sandwich was over a foot long…not to mention the pulled pork, beef patty, bacon, brisket… (Dad, we’re going there when we come back out here.)

Meet the "Jethro"!

Meet the “Jethro”!

We both finished it!

We both finished it!

-Shoveled a bunch of snow

Yeah, it was a great week.  I’m just so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be on my mission again.  This is definitely where I’m meant to be.  The love I feel for this Gospel and all of those around me is what guides me and keeps me going.  I feel the Spirit so strongly sometimes that I just want to shout.

This morning, I finished the Book of Alma during my personal studies.  I’ve always found it so interesting how in Alma 62:41, it says that some of the Nephites have had their hearts softened after many years of war, while others had their hearts hardened.  What I take from this is that while we all go through tough times on the roads of mortality, we have within ourselves the power to choose how we handle them.  F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that “trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement”.  Avoid the temptation to collapse within yourself when trouble hits.  Be like the Savior and find a way to turn your feelings outward and upward.  

Tracting in Iowa.  We told some kids that Santa wasn't coming this year because it's too cold.  Haha...but we told them just kidding right after!

Tracting in Iowa.  We told some kids that Santa wasn’t coming this year because it’s too cold.  Haha…but we told them just kidding right after!

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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One Response to I’ve Definitely Gained Some Weight…

  1. Ann Taylor says:

    I am so happy you are back in the mission field! You have had so many companions because you are so loved and blessed as a Missionary every one wants you in their area 🙂
    Take care, keep Heavenly Father and his Son close and you will continue to bless others through your mission.

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