Pulling with Christ

This past week has been a mission-changing week for me.  One night, after a particularly frustrating lesson, my companion and I were sitting in the truck outside talking about what had just happened.  I was a little bit more frustrated than he was, so he just sort of let me vent for a minute about what was bothering me.  So, I told him about how ever since I had returned to the mission, I had felt like I was not teaching as powerfully as I had before I had left.  This really bugged me because I was doing everything I could (I felt like) to be a powerful missionary.  I was being exactly obedient with all of the rules, we were taking short meal times so that we could work longer, I was throwing myself into my studies…all of it, but I still felt like when it came to lesson time, I was coming up short.  And then, to my surprise, my companion told me that he went through the same exact thing about a transfer ago and how he got through it was by applying one of his favorite scriptures.  He then pulled out his scriptures and started reading Alma 26:12 to me.  That felt like a slap to the face!  That’s the scripture that I chose before my mission to be my mission scripture on the plaque back in San Bernardino!  But I am so glad that he read it to me because since then, everything has changed.  The difference has been so huge.  Now, instead of focusing constantly on what I could do to make the lesson go the way I wanted, I’m learning once again how to pull with Christ.  And that’s not just with lessons but with everything I do.  And it has made all of the difference.  Since that night, we have found 5 new investigators from 5 different households, taught many lessons, and had the Spirit with us even stronger than before.

with my mission president, President Jensen

with my mission president, President Jensen

with Elder Bouwhuis

with Elder Bouwhuis

One of the really cool new investigators that the Lord has blessed us with this week was Luke.  He is so prepared!  He’s had a really rough life that led him to the Church.  He requested us online and already believes it all.  at the end of the first lesson, I looked at him and said, “Now Luke, if you come to find this is true, will you be baptized by someone holding the restored priesthood authority of God?”  He just simply looked back at me and said, “I already know that it’s true!  The Spirit told me that a long time ago!”  Haha and then he came to Church on Sunday!  We’re so excited for him!

I’d like to finish this email by bearing my testimony that I know with all of my heart that there is a God in Israel.  he is the God over the whole Earth and cares about each and every one of us.  I’ve felt of that love on so many occasions that if I tried to write them all down, I could fill a library.  I also know that it is when we do our absolute best to follow Him and His son, Jesus Christ, that we can truly become great tools in His Hands.  Instruments in the building of His Kingdom.

I love you all.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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One Response to Pulling with Christ

  1. Ann Taylor says:

    Elder Eastwood, Alma 26:12 is a fantastic verse for all of us. We are supposed to be member missionaries and lack opportunities to share the gospel. IF we pray and remember these words, the skies open wide for those moments. Bless you and your companion that your work continues with Luke and other investigators.
    All our best
    Ann and Bill Taylor

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