Staying in Cedar Rapids

01-12-15 Notes on the Door 1

We put post-its on Camille and Charlotte's door because Camille wasn't feeling well...

We put post-its on Camille and Charlotte’s door because Camille wasn’t feeling well…

01-12-15 Notes on the Door 4 Elder B 01-12-15 Notes on the Door 5 UsWell, just received the transfer calls and I’m staying as zone leader with my companion, Elder Bouwhuis.  He only has 3 transfers left and I have 4, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the both of us after this transfer.  Our mission is actually going through quite a bit of a change right now.  We will be losing a net number of 40 or so missionaries over the course of the next 2 transfers.  I guess the surge has kind of come and gone.  The real difference maker is that there aren’t that many sisters coming out anymore.  The sisters that came out with me are leaving on Thursday and saying goodbye to them has been a bit surreal.  Even though I was home two months ago, home life is definitely back to being a distant memory.

That being said, it has been a great week!  Things are going well in the zone, as well as in our area.  The zone has set many new dates in the past two weeks and everyone is a bit of on a dead sprint to baptize.  Remember Camille and Charlotte?  The two that I wrote about last week?  Well, they came to church again and passed their baptismal interviews!  This could be my first baptisms (that I was present for) since October of 2013!  I’ve had a couple of people that I had taught be baptized since then, but all of them decided to be baptized after I left.  I really hope that this one happens, so please everybody pray for them!  I want these two to be baptized more than anyone I’ve ever taught.

Oh, and I have a great story about our Ward Mission Leader and his family!

So, they had us over for dinner/lesson Sunday evening and we had a great time.  The Spirit was really strong during the lesson and we all could feel it.  Afterwards, we were discussing non-members in the area when Sis. Lindsay (our WML’s wife), said that we should just go knock on a few doors with them.  Both Elder Bouwhuis and I just looked at each other, shocked, because we had no idea what to do.  In our combined, 38 months of missionary experience, we’ve received maybe 10 member referrals.  And none of them like this.  But more shocked than us, was Bro. Lindsay!  He was a little hesitant at first, but after a prayer, we were out the door and off to see a few of their friends in the neighborhood.  At the first door, the Sis. Lindsay introduced as missionaries from their church that “don’t get to teach very many people” and asked if they’d be interested in hearing a short message about Christ.  She also made sure to let them know that their answer in no way affected their friendship.  The father of the first house we knocked on was taken aback and about to let us in, but then the mother came and… well, she was polite, but that was the end of that.  The other family that they had planned on seeing after that wasn’t home, so we started walking back to their house, but as we were walking, Sis. Lindsay says “Just one more!” and then starts walking towards another home.  She knocked on the door and introduced us the same way and waited patiently for the lady to answer.  We were all shocked when the lady said, “Oh, my father’s whole family is Mormon!  I have two cousins at the Provo MTC right now.”  It was such a testimony builder!  I’ve never seen such a great act of faith on the part of members on my mission.  The lady, Heather, has asked us to return.  Hopefully, her husband is as receptive.

I have a testimony of this great Gospel.  I know that it is true.  I am so excited to grow closer to my Savior.  I feel a great urgency to do so.  The Holy Spirit seems to surround me each time I think of it and I know that it is what I must do.  I have so many weaknesses and flaws to work through, but the Lord continues to patiently assist me as I persistently push forward.  I have come to gain a real testimony of this Church and my one goal for the next 4 transfers is to help as many others to gain a testimony of its truthfulness as possible.

I love my Savior!

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood



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