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My drawing of Elder Bouwhuis

My drawing of Elder Bouwhuis

Elder Cook mimicking Elder Walls' drawing of him

Elder Cook mimicking Elder Walls’ drawing of him

Elder Walls...leaning on a wall...trying to look like his self-portrait.  His drawing is wearing a WWE belt tho, so it's not exactly the same... lol

Elder Walls…leaning on a wall…trying to look like his self-portrait. His drawing is wearing a WWE belt tho, so it’s not exactly the same… lol

I was trying to get the chin just right.

I was trying to get the chin just right.

Where is the time flying?  January is already over.  I have just over 5 months left.  That’s insane.

Well, this last week (just like all of the others) has been crazy.  We’ve had some of the highest of highs (new investigator that has already read it all, believes it all, lives it all…supposedly) to some of the lowest of lows.  But we’re all still pushing on and giving our all.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about a quote from President Thomas S. Monson.  He said: “It has been said that the gate of history turns on small hinges, and so do people’s lives. The choices we make determine our destiny.”

I have been having this recurring impression that how I spend the last 5 months of my mission is going to set the tone for the rest of my life.  I could continue forward on cruise control, not being lazy, but not really pushing myself either…or I could grumble and moan…or I could get up, work hard, and finish strong.  One of my buddies, Rane E., sent me a spiritual thought over email and I’d like to pull from that a little bit.  One of the things I love the most about 1 Nephi is that the characters are so easy to relate to.  Most of us, in terms of our degree of discipleship, are in one of three categories.

First, you have Laman and Lemuel.  They do what they’re supposed to, but they grumble and moan as they do it.  It’s easy to be a Laman or a Lemuel because you get to enjoy the blessings of the righteousness of those around you without really getting wet yourself.  Anytime the right choice becomes hard or unpopular, you can just laugh it off and not do it.  Because you never exercise your faith, however, your conversion is only skin-deep (if that) and you will NEVER become who you need to become.

Second, there’s Sam.  You make good choices and you sustain your priesthood leaders…kind of.  There’s no back-biting or complaining, but no real support in times of need, either.  You’re that sort of luke-warm, maybe do my home-teaching sort of a guy.  You’re good, don’t get me wrong…just not great.

Then, there’s Nephi.  You don’t stop moving forward.  You face problems that are just as hard and have hurdles to overcome that are just as tall as everyone else’s, but what’s great about you is that you just won’t quit.  When a challenge arises, you do your best with what you’ve got and ask for the Lord to make up for the rest.  Perhaps it doesn’t come soon, but you know that it will always come.  You are my hero.

For the next 5 months, I want to be a Nephi.  I want to face an empty day with hope, not dread.  I want to be a joy to my companion, not just a friend.  I want to be a light on a hill, not a light under a bushel.

I know that, just like President Monson said, our lives turn on small hinges. How we react to even a small situation could set the tone/course of the rest of our lives.  Choose to be a Nephi.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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