19 Months!

Well, we got blasted by a snow storm these last two days.  We went to bed and woke up to find 5 or 6 inches on the ground, it still snowing (it snowed the rest of the day), and wind so bad that there are icicles on our porch that go sideways.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of those…

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02-02-15 3

02-02-15 6

02-02-15 5

02-02-15 7

I was really craving funnel cake the other day, so I decided I'd try to make some. 

I was really craving funnel cake the other day, so I decided I’d try to make some.

Not bad, huh?

Not bad, huh?

Something great to report on is that the work is moving forward!  We have 4 different people that we are working with that are all very close to baptism.  The last two weeks were a little frustrating because we had to give up 3 investigators with baptismal dates to the 1st Ward missionaries due to a confusion in ward boundaries, but it’s okay because we are all on the same team and a baptism here is just as good as there.  One thing that I have come to find though, is that all that we go through is there to prepare us for the future.

Here’s a story on that topic that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shared in the Priesthood Session of the April 2006 General Conference:

“When I was 11 years old, my family <http://www.mormon.org/values/family>  had to leave East Germany and begin a new life in West Germany overnight. Until my father could get back into his original profession as a government employee, my parents operated a small laundry business in our little town. I became the laundry delivery boy. To be able to do that effectively, I needed a bicycle to pull the heavy laundry cart. I had always dreamed of owning a nice, sleek, shiny, sporty red bicycle. But there had never been enough money to fulfill this dream.What I got instead was a heavy, ugly, black, sturdy workhorse of a bicycle.  I delivered laundry on that bike before and after school for quite a few years. Most of the time, I was not overly excited about the bike, the cart, or my job. Sometimes the cart seemed so heavy and the work so tiring that I thought my lungs would burst, and I often had to stop to catch my breath. Nevertheless, I did my part because I knew we desperately needed the income as a family, and it was my way to contribute.
If I had only known back then what I learned many years later—if I had only been able to see the end from the beginning—I would have had a better appreciation of these experiences, and it would have made my job so much easier.
Many years later, when I was about to be drafted into the military, I decided to volunteer instead and join the Air Force to become a pilot. I loved flying and thought being a pilot would be my thing.
To be accepted for the program I had to pass a number of tests, including a strict physical exam. The doctors were slightly concerned by the results and did some additional medical tests. Then they announced, “You have scars on your lung which are an indication of a lung disease in your early teenage years, but obviously you are fine now.” The doctors wondered what kind of treatment I had gone through to heal the disease. Until the day of that examination I had never known that I had any kind of lung disease. Then it became clear to me that my regular exercise in fresh air as a laundry boy had been a key factor in my healing from this illness. Without the extra effort of pedaling that heavy bicycle day in and day out, pulling the laundry cart up and down the streets of our town, I might never have become a jet fighter pilot and later a 747 airline captain.”
Let us all keep pressing forward with the faith and assurance that there is a Heavenly Being, even our Heavenly Father, that watches over us from above.  He can make more of our lives than we can.  Trust in Him and do your best.  There’s no better recipe for success.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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