Another Baptism! And Stomach Flu! And…

This past week, just like every other week, had some crazy ups and downs.  For one, I spent all of Wednesday in bed with the stomach flu.  I don’t know how disobedient missionaries do it.  Sitting around all day was the worst thing ever.  The day just seemed to drag on and on.  Yikes!  And then two days after that, the Dopoes had us over to have some African food!  It’s called “fufu” and is made from plantain flour.  You dip it in this chicken and fish dish that they call “slippery soup” and then eat it.  It was actually pretty good!  I asked him what kind of fish it was and he said in his Liberian accent “fresh fish from WalMart” haha.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there probably is no such thing as fresh fish in an Iowan Walmart.  So I asked him what kinds of fish he ate back in Liberia and he said, “Oh, yes.  Many kinds.  Fresh fish, dried fish…”  So there you have it.

02-17-15 Eating Fufu! 1

Eating Fufu!

02-17-15 Fufu


02-17-15 Slippery Soup

Slippery Soup

Me eating Fufu!

Me eating Fufu!

My companion eating Fufu!

My companion eating Fufu!

02-17-15 My Companion!

My companion, Elder Bouwhuis!

02-17-15 Meet Faver 1

Meet Faver…

02-17-15 Meet Faver 2

…one of the cutest babies ever!

Then, on Sunday, Mamie Dopoe was baptized right after church and it was amazing!  Her husband (who has been a member for 13 years) gave the most beautiful prayer to open the meeting in which he spoke of committing his wife to the Lord.  The spirit was so strong!  Things are just going well here.  We should be having 3-4 more baptisms in the zone in the next 2 weeks and we have a couple more people that are close to baptism that we are teaching.

02-17-15 The Baptismal Group

She hasn’t had a whole lot of experience with cameras, and didn’t know that she was supposed to smile! Haha.  I promise she was smiling and laughing like the whole time! lol

02-17-15 The Anamosa District (one sister is missing)

The Anamosa District (one sister is missing)

02-17-15 The Cedar Rapids Stake Leadership

The Cedar Rapids Stake Leadership

02-17-15 President Jensen opening his presents on his birthday at MLC

President Jensen opening his presents on his birthday at MLC

Well, I don’t have much time today, so I need to make this short, but I just want to testify to you all how much my study of the sacrament has changed me.  I wrote about it in my email this past week, but it really has changed so much for me.  For the first time in my life, (and I hate to admit this) I am excited to go to sacrament meeting for a reason other than seeing friends or investigators.  Church has become a sacred three hours of self-reflection and spiritual enlightenment that I hadn’t quite expected.  I can feel the Spirit so much more abundantly throughout my entire week and I’ve never felt so at peace.  I love you all and pray that you too, may feel that “peace that passeth all understanding”.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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