Rockin’ in CR!

IT IS SO WARM!  It’s like 20 F with no breeze (the key factor), and man, I felt like I was melting outside in just a jacket!

Honestly, things are just going so well here right now.  Our zone just saw 3 baptisms this weekend, we have 2 solid people on date for April, and new investigators/potentials keep popping up for us.  Life is good. Oh! and my new companion is Elder Brock Payne from Pocatello, Idaho.  He was actually in my MTC District, so it was sort of a cool reunion at transfers.  We get along very well and we are ready to kill it here in CR.  We both go home in 4 months, so we just want to baptize the world in our remaining time.  Him being here probably means that I’ll be transferred next transfer…which really makes me sad because I LOVE THIS PLACE…but we’ll see what happens.

On my mission, as I’ve talked with so many different people, I feel like I have found out what hurts people the most.  It’s when they aren’t acting as well as they know how to.  It’s when you wake up, look in the mirror, and realize that you aren’t as good of a man/woman as you should be.  That’s what hurts.  But at the same time, I’ve also found out what brings the most happiness: forgetting about yourself and focusing on helping others.  Every time that I have felt a little down the past transfer or two, it was in those moments when I had nothing to do and was thinking about myself.  The solution, in each case, was focusing my whole soul on the welfare of somebody else and giving myself up to the Lord.  I feel like I am finally learning how to put the last bit of me on the altar of sacrifice.

I just really love being a missionary and I want to crush it for these next 4 months.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


About Koko's Mom

The mom of Koko "Puff", a Doberman pup, who has destroyed a lot of things...
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