50 degrees? Break out the short-sleeves!

For the first time in a long time, we are driving around with the windows down.  This is our 3rd day in a row at 50 F and it feels like a sauna out there!  Haven’t even been wearing a sweater.  It’s so amazing!

Boy, we had an amazing week, though!  Kathy FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!  We’ve been trying to get her to come to church since I got here and she finally came!  She’s now on date for the 28th of this month (her birthday)!  Also, Stephanie and Kaleecia are still doing well towards their baptismal date on April 11th.  And then on top of all of that, the new Liberian family that we had found last week came to church, too!  The Borbors (active Liberians) just took them by the hand and it was so amazing to watch.  So, between those two families and the Dopoes (our last baptism and also Liberian), we’ve got a good sized Liberian group now!  Things are going great in our area and we are all excited to watch General Conference in just a couple weeks now!  Wow, where is the time going?

We are just so blessed right now in our area.  Please keep the rest of my zone in your prayers, though.  Most of them are on the up-tick, but they are still hurting for work.  Of the 67 investigators in our zone, 23 are in our area.  Also, of the 128 FFT’s in our zone (good member missionaries), 48 come from our area.  So our area is doing super well, but we really want to see all of us doing well.  Please pray that they’ll see success as they humbly and diligently move forward.

I want to express to each of you how much I love the Book of Mormon.  Just think of it.  Mankind has played the game “telephone” with the Bible.  It started off great.  It started off as the word of God, but then people went in there and took some things out, put other things in, then translated it dozens of times until what was left, while still true, was missing a few pieces.  Just consider the doctrine of baptism.  Ever notice how there’s no concrete answer on just how to do it in there?  As well as when to do it?  This is where the Book of Mormon comes into play.  You see, God knew that we were going to mess things up.  He foresaw the 1 church that His Only Begotten would start morphing into 33,000+ different Christian faiths that all teach different doctrines.  He foresaw you and I looking confusedly at the vast landscape of theories, ideas, and doctrines.  So what does He do?  He sends us a book of ancient scripture that we can use with the Bible to figure out just what is right.  He sends us a book of complete, beautiful, unadulterated scripture that teaches Christ’s doctrine in such a way as to confound all naysayers.  He sends us a book that will let us know exactly what we’ve been missing for oh, so long.  Don’t you think it’d be interesting to see what was in there?

I absolutely love the Book of Mormon.  It has changed my life.  Many may argue this and that about the little things, but so called “reason” also deemed the Earth flat a few hundred years ago, powered flight impossible, and a sub 4-minute mile for a human unthinkable.  What’s interesting is how all of this hasn’t changed man’s disposition to reject and fear the unknown.  Just give it a shot and see if your prayers won’t be answered.  What do you have to lose?  Nothing.  But you have everything to gain.  And the key, is a sincere, heartfelt, prayerful study of the Book of Mormon.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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The mom of Koko "Puff", a Doberman pup, who has destroyed a lot of things...
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