Baptisms. Everywhere.

Our zone is on FIRE right now.  It’s so amazing to watch.  We began the year with 3 on date and they were all a ways off.  Since then, we’ve baptized 10 and now have 13 on date for baptism (9 of which are set to be baptized in the next 3 weeks)!  The crazier part is that these are all individual people scattered throughout the zone…none of them are whole families coming in.  It’s just a lot of people!  5 of those 13 are in our area and Kathy (ours) should be getting baptized at 3 pm on Saturday! 🙂  It’s so amazing.  She has grown so much since I’ve gotten here.  She has been investigating for over 2 years and had severe anxiety issues.  Just to show you how far she’s come, she sat through STAKE CONFERENCE this week.  There were 9 units there in the stake building!  Man, that was amazing.  Sam also came and he’s on date for us on April 11th.  He’s also been investigating for over two years.  He’s finally getting baptized!  John just moved into our area and has been investigating for a couple years also.  He’s working towards May 2nd.  We have a Liberian family on date for May 9th.  And on Friday, while on exchanges with Elder Mizell, we ran into 2 Kenyan families that had us teach them in their apartment that must have been at least 90 F with their teenage sons translating the whole lesson into Swahili for them.  The Spirit was SO strong as one of the sons, Pascal, read/translated Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision to his parents for the first time.  The father of one of the families is a pastor for an African congregation.  He said, sincerely, that he would study and pray about the message of the Restoration.  We’ll be fasting and praying this week that he will come in to the sweet waters of baptism along with the rest of his family/congregation.

02-23-15  A picture from one of the only hills in Iowa

A picture from one of the only hills in Iowa

02-23-15 The Cedar Rapids District

The Cedar Rapids District

02-23-15 The Anamosa District

The Anamosa District

Sister Searle!  SB 4th Ward Reunion!

Sister Searle!  SB 4th Ward Reunion!

Basically, things here are moving FAST and I absolutely love it with ALL of my heart.  The thought of being transferred in 2.5 weeks makes me sick.

What I’ve been learning so much about is the need to be willing.  Willing to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands.  Willing to give up personal comforts/wants/desires for something greater.  Missionary work, the cause of bringing souls unto Christ is SO much bigger than any of us!  And it’s not just baptizing people!  It’s smiling at people and saying “good morning” as you walk by.  It’s helping a little kid tie his shoes.  It’s mowing people’s lawns that can’t do it themselves.  It’s just being Christ-like!  That’s all it really is.  Be like Christ!  I’m so terrible at it, but I’m trying.  I’ve never tried this hard to be Christ-like before.  The hope is that it will become a part of me.  What I can honestly say…despite the dizziness, fatigue, heart-aches, and what not…is that I’ve never been happier.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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