Transfer Calls and General Conference

Well, I will not be finishing my mission as a zone leader.  The transfer calls just came in this morning and I’m going to be called as a district leader again for my last two transfers.  I’ll find out where I’m headed on Thursday, but I’m way excited.  Being a district leader is the best!  I’m excited to go baptize another dozen people somewhere else in the mission!

As for the General Conference, it was incredible…and kind of funny at the same time.  I went into conference praying for direction from Heavenly Father on two things:

-What will help me the most to become the best missionary I can be for my remaining time?
-What should I focus on when I get home?

The Spirit answered my first question by teaching me that I need to work on being more diligent with my efforts. Each night, as I say my prayers at my bedside, I need to be able to say that I gave everything that day.  That’s what I’ll be working on.  Turning more and more of myself over to the Lord.  You can never give enough of yourself to Him.

As for the second question, it seemed like everyone kept talking about the importance of eternal marriage and noble parenthood!  It was the worst!  Haha.  The Elders sitting by me at the Church building kept nudging me every time it was brought up.  How are we already getting to that age??  Well, I know that my mom is going to be emailing me on how I need to stop thinking about it, so I’ll move on…

Anyways, things are going very well here.  The zone had another baptism on Saturday and we should be having 3 or 4 this next Saturday. I wish that I could be here to see them!  Oh well, on to the next area!  By the way, fun fact…this will be my 7th area and 14th companion.

As for my spiritual thought, I would like to focus my thoughts on the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I simply want to express my gratitude for Him.  He cares so much about each of us.  He knows exactly what I’m going through right now. He’s felt it.  He’s felt what you’re going through too.  He did it all.  And because He did, because He successfully atoned for each of us and was resurrected, we too, may each be partakers of His glory and strength.  We each have the opportunity to rise above our weaknesses and sins.  We can look into the mirror and see raw potential.  We can look at our past selves AS past selves.  We have the ability to become!  Because He Lives.

Faith and Honor,
Elder Eastwood


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