Same Day Mail (Free)

Want to write to Elder Eastwood and get it delivered to him on the same day for free?   (Only until July 16, 2013)

Click below and it’ll take you straight to where you can write to him:

These are some info you need to enter:

  • Unit #: 282
  • Mission: IA-DMOIN
  • Estimated MTC Departure Date: 07/17/13

The missionaries, at the MTC (the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT), don’t have hardly any time to e-mail.  They only get 1 hour a week to read and answer all e-mails! If we write letters to them through, they will print out what we send them and deliver it on the same day (Monday through Friday) for free if you send it before 11:00AM PST that day.  Then the missionaries can read it any time instead of trying to read all e-mail at the same time and try to answer them within the hour.  Of course, only deliver the same day while they’re in the MTC.

Elder Eastwood is schedule to depart to Iowa on July 17th, 2013.


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